We are steadfastly focused on meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients. Our ultimate goal is to remove the anxiety, stress, and burden of planning an event and make it a collaborative, engaging and most of all, fun process. We do this by providing a broad perspective and creative insight with two knowledgeable professionals who work in sync with a diverse set of skills serving a diverse population.

who we are

We use our experience to intercept foreseeable disasters and remove roadblocks. We help guide you through vendor decision making, make knowledgeable suggestions, and generally make the whole process less daunting. We find creative ways to make your events beautiful, fun, and seamless.

Once upon a time a Mermaid ran into Betty Boop at a Halloween party and the stars aligned.  Not only did they forge a lasting bond with an equal love for karaoke, bread pudding, dancing, Star Trek, 80’s movies, and funny stories; but, they also found a certain synchronicity in their relationship that allows their different approaches to a problem to blend harmoniously.

Motivated by their mutual fondness for planning and hosting great parties, they joined forces to bring life to their new found calling: event planning.


Laura is a Bay Area native, who recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Sociology, she has pursued her career in Human Resource Management. With a previous career in logistics during and after her time in the U.S. Air Force, she understands the need for precise coordination and attention to detail during stressful situations.  Her project management skills makes her a guru when it comes to effective and efficiently planning and conducting an event. She has a natural talent for speaking in front of groups; Laura was a San Francisco tour guide for several years, and has MC’d  several fundraising and company events.   

She considers herself a strong ally for equality, a creative and is also an avid craft lover/maker. She is recognized by her peers for having a keen eye for a pleasing aesthetic and is able to visualize and execute a look that captures the full experience.  Laura believes that laughter is the greatest medicine for the soul and when she’s not working on events, she enjoys knitting, painting, beach combing with her dog Mr. Parker, antiquing and hiking.


Joanna, born and raised in the wonderfully diverse San Francisco Bay Area, went to UCLA to become an anthropologist. Upon her return to the Bay, she realized there weren’t many openings in S.F. for an Indiana Jones style of adventurer, so she settled down and got an office job. Originally working in logistics at a courier company for 9 years, she later rose through the ranks at the University of California to now hold a position as a department manager where she coordinates larger scale projects and events.

Years ago Joanna planned an intimate wedding for an associate and was immediately hooked on event planning. After several years of planning family and friend’s events – baby showers, birthdays, bachelorette parties - and, regularly planning banquets and other events at her day job she realized she enjoyed it immensely.

In her spare time Joanna likes to play the piano, dabbles in photography and is becoming addicted to crossword puzzles.

Joanna is consistently impressed by Laura’s creative artistic spirit and finds that Laura’s style blends seamlessly with her own. Laura has a deep respect for the editing eye, strong sensibility and exquisite organizational skills of Joanna. Together the two of them create an ideal team bringing  stylized artistry  with concrete execution to events.