Why Seventh House Harmony...

Our mission is to partner with our clients in providing the best quality service and most positive experience possible. 

There are many factors to consider when planning a celebration. The most important element for having a beautiful and beautifully executed event is in knowing how those factors come together and operate on that day. Most people have a general idea of how they want their day to go or look but may not possess the insight and experience into the processes behind it.  Hiring Seventh House Harmony ensures that your best interests are being looked after and that a contingency for every potential emergency is put in place.

When it came time to celebrate the expected arrival of our first baby, a son, my husband and knew that we wanted to celebrate together. We had an idea for an alternative baby shower—a co-ed affair with all of our closest friends, held at a non-traditional venue and without the usual mom-centric decorations and games. Joanna and Laura listened carefully to our non-traditional wish list and were able to discern our vision and pull it together into a cohesive and beautiful event. They collaborated with us when it was important, researching and helping us choose just the right venue. They took the reins in those areas where we needed some more inspiration, coming up with unique decorations that captured the spirit of the event. In the end, they pulled off a co-ed baby shower that was somehow totally sweet and elegant, but also playful and a bit irreverent—just what we wanted! Based on our wonderful experience working with Joanna and Laura, we know that they are the perfect team to help you plan a truly personalized and special event!
— -Stephanie T

Laura is amazing! She was the coordinator at my wedding and was able to handle every minute detail so that the day ran absolutely smoothly. I could not have done it without her, and I couldn’t have chosen a better person for the job. She is a genius with all facets of planning and is a true artist when it comes to making everything look and run beautifully!

The day of my wedding she coordinated vendors, the set up, logistics, etc. She even handled a few details that I had no idea I had missed in my planning. She expertly handled a few mishaps from one of my disorganized vendors.The best thing about how she handled it was that I had no idea (nor did anyone else). I was able to focus solely on what a bride should focus on, which is getting ready to look and feel her best for one of the most important days of her life.

Thank you Laura!
— Crystal K

I really appreciate all the attention to detail that Joanna and Laura poured into my dreamy baby shower. Being pregnant itself can be overwhelming and then add party planning on top is enough to make this preggo Mama dizzy. I was so happy to be able to share my visions for a special celebration, welcoming our little girl with friends and family, and then turn it over to these ladies to create the magic. Magic they made! All of the details were beautiful beyond my expectations and included my fanciful requests. Unicorns, crystals, rainbows, dreamcatchers, flowers, check and double check. Sounds like a lot, and a mish-mash at that, but that was my request and they delivered and made it all work beautifully. The best part was that I got to relax and enjoy the pretty party without having to worry about decorating or making signs, or planning games, doing clean up, or delegating any of those tasks. I got so many compliments from the guests on how fun and beautiful the party was, which is exactly how I felt. Big thanks to Seventh House Harmony for making our baby celebration a fun and memorable one!
— Amanda F

A wedding can be a difficult event to plan, with so many moving parts in the planning process. When it came to our wedding, I was really glad that Laura was there to help, because the last thing we wanted to do was clean up after our own wedding, and Laura coordinated everything to perfection, allowing my wife and I to make a stress-free exit. I would recommend Laura for any event planning for sure!

— Miles B

When my husband and I were getting married, we both had a general vision for the look and feel of our wedding, but we were struggling with realizing that vision. That’s when we sought out Laura’s help to get us from concept to reality. Laura was great at collaborating with us: first to fine-tune our ideas until she had a good sense of our style, then she provided some mock-ups which helped us finally see our ideas in person, and finally she worked with us to execute the wedding on our allotted budget. At this point, our job was done! Laura took full responsibility for the execution during our wedding and the result was exactly what we had envisioned.

As the bride and groom, you have so many other things going on during the wedding day that it is absolutely necessary to have someone you trust handle everything else. With Laura at the helm, we could enjoy our wedding knowing that it was going to look fantastic and it did!
— Jenny F
There are many coordinators and planners around, but the key difference with the ladies at Seventh House Harmony is that they have an amazing eye for design. Laura was great at interpreting what we wanted and also filling in the holes and offering ideas to enhance what you’re aiming for. We highly recommend Seventh House Harmony to anyone else who needs help pulling off a major event.
— Chris C