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At Seventh House Harmony Events, we believe you should actually enjoy the party you’ve spent time and money on. We remove the stress of planning to make your celebration the unique, stylish, and personalized event you deserve!


Laura Westphal


Creative, Authentic, Determined

Laura is passionate about design and how the details fit into the bigger picture. She is focused and unconventional, so her events are both seamless and innovative.  She enjoys takes on any challenge head on.

Luck, talent, quick thinking and finesse are all on her side, she can make a rainbow out of anything.

A UC Berkeley Alumna, Laura uses her professional background as a US Air Force Veteran, Logistics,  and experience in Hospitality & Human Resource Management to make


Joanna Times



Nerd, Sincere, Analytical

Joanna is a Bay Area native and UCLA alumna (Go Bruins!) who has a background in shipping logistics and program management. She’s quite passionate about getting the details of events right and is an organizational whiz - your room layouts will always be on point! Consistently forthcoming, but still your ally, Joanna is the person that tells you you have spinach in your teeth and then will provide a discreet human screen while you pick it out.


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         Our Services


Unique Weddings

We at seventh house harmony love, geek out and get excited about a well put together wedding!  From brainstorming intricate details for your distinctive theme in our Full Planning service; referring that perfect florist that complements your personal style in our Partial Planning services; to simply conducting a smooth transition from one element to the next in our Day of Coordination services. With our expertise and insightful guidance we can help make your wedding unique to you and your vision.


Full Wedding Planning

You’re engaged and you’ve set a wedding date that’s a year away?! You and your partner must have a unique event that shows off your love of whiskey, nature, and Hitchhiker’s Guide… now what??!! Don’t Panic! Call us and we’ll have a great time guiding you from start to finish. With our full planning services, we’ll help you with suggestions, selections, and referrals for venue, vendors, design, accommodations, customs and etiquette, payment tracking and more as well as everything in our partial planning package. Bring us in to make sure that your event is tailored to your specifications.

PARTIAL Wedding planning 

You’re a busy person and need a little extra help to save your sanity! Six months out we meet with you to assess and understand your needs and vision for your day. We will provide you with guidance, referrals and advice as needed specific for your wedding while ensuring you stay focused on your vision for the day. We assist in rehearsal planning and finally, provide day of the wedding site coordination from beginning to the very end.

Month of services (day of coordination) 

You’re on fire! It’s eight to six weeks away and you have all of your vendors lined up and just need someone to jump for the hand off  at the end and be your event producer. This includes a detailed production schedule, rehearsal planning and being your vendor and guests’ go-to women the day of your event so you can party!



Other Special Events 

Milestone birthday or anniversary coming up? Just can’t take one more boring office holiday party? Want to have a blowout divorce “freedom” party or sublime baby shower but need some inspiration and guidance? With our full event planning services we help plan your soiree from the beginning to the glorious end!


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Love Notes


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"When my husband and I were getting married, we both had a general vision for the look and feel of our wedding, but we were struggling with realizing that vision. That’s when we sought out Laura’s help to get us from concept to reality. Laura was great at collaborating with us: first to fine-tune our ideas until she had a good sense of our style, then she provided some mock-ups which helped us finally see our ideas in person, and finally she worked with us to execute the wedding on our allotted budget. 
There are many coordinators and planners around, but the key difference with the ladies at Seventh House Harmony is that they have an amazing eye for design. We highly recommend Seventh House Harmony to anyone else who needs help pulling off a major event."

-Jenny & Chris



"I really appreciate all the attention to detail that Joanna and Laura poured into my dreamy baby shower.
. I was so happy to be able to share my visions for a special celebration, welcoming our little girl with friends and family, and then turn it over to these ladies to create the magic. Magic they made! All of the details were beautiful beyond my expectations and included my fanciful requests. Unicorns, crystals, rainbows, dreamcatchers, flowers, check and double check. Sounds like a lot, and a mish-mash at that, but that was my request and they delivered and made it all work beautifully. 
I got so many compliments from the guests on how fun and beautiful the party was, which is exactly how I felt. Big thanks to Seventh House Harmony for making our baby celebration a fun and memorable one!"


"My Cup Runneth Over. A special thank you to Joanna and Laura for putting on an amazing event. Please be sure to think of them for your event. Thank you so much again for all the hard work! ❤️"


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At Seventh House Harmony Events we specialize in wedding and other event planning and coordinating. We leverage our planning experience, creativity and teamwork to ensure that your event is everything you thought it would be and more. Call or email us for seamless planning of your extraordinary event!

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